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Don’t GoDaddy

Don't Godaddy

"So what's the big deal with GoDaddy anyway?"

This question comes through my DMs more times than I can count, and I’m glad it’s being asked!

GoDaddy Issue #1: GoDaddy Is Overpriced

Just cutting to the chase here, but GoDaddy is overpriced for what you get for their services. The first year isn’t bad, but hold onto your wallet after that!!

In addition, they charge EXTRA for things many other providers give you for FREE. This includes:

SSL Certificatificates – look up at your URL bar. Yes you, do it! If there is a lock icon right before the URL starts, the site is secure, AKA has an SSL certificate. This effects you in many ways, from SEO (yep! Google punishes you for not having one) to potential data breaches. If  you have a website, you NEED an SSL certificate. And if you are using GoDaddy, theirs start at $60+ per year!! Why pay for this when it comes FREE anywhere else?!?!

Whois Privacy – not as big of a deal, but you will still be paying for it. Whois is an internet record that includes domain registration date, domain expiration date, nameservers, DNS records, and oh yeah…. the domain owner’s contact information! That’s right, without this service, spammers can easily find your contact information and start emailing you until the end of time. GoDaddy is going to charge you extra to protect your personal information. Again……. what?!?

GoDaddy Issue #2: GoDaddy Is SLOW

People invest TONS of time and energy into making their sites faster for a better user experience and higher conversion rates. With GoDaddy, all that effort goes directly out the window.

With overcrowded servers (say hello to a number in the THOUSANDS, possibly MILLIONS, sharing your server with you), you can be sure your site speed is taking a major hit. A slow site will result in direct problems for you, starting with decreased conversions and ending with lower SEO. Yep, Google is here too, and they will always prioritize a faster site.

GoDaddy Issue #3: Who REALLY Owns Your Domain?

Bad news, it’s not you. 

With pretty much any other registrar, your domain is YOURS until the lease runs out (most people auto-renew year over year to avoid potential issues). So a couple years go by and you don’t renew anymore, then what happens? Your domain goes back into a pool of other unused domains and that’s that. In the case of GoDaddy, it’s not. If you have purchased a domain through GoDaddy and it expires, they claim property of it. AGAIN, WHAT!??! This means you will be quite literally be paying ransom to get it back from them, and it will not come cheaply.

GoDaddy Issue #4: Administrative Interface

GoDaddy created their own administrative interface. Cool, right? Think again. Their clunky interface is different than any other industry standard, and makes things complicated to find and tasks difficult to complete. So you aren’t a developer, why do you care? Well, in the event you need something done in this section, you will have to hire one. They have to get paid too, and the more time spent, the more $ out of your wallet.


Don’t believe us? Start with Google and see what you find, you will be surprised to find that MANY organizations are in our court, including Forbes, who has their own GoDaddy blog here.

There is simply a better way!!! There are HUNDREDS of great domain registrars and hosting providers out there, and the best fit for you can vary based on your needs, traffic, and budget. We proudly offer web design & development services and have experience working with many different registrars and providers. If you need help making a decision or switching to new provider, feel free to reach out and ask for help!

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