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What’s going on with TikTok?

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In a recent article from Digiday, it was noted that a TikTok ban is unlikely to happen due to the logistical, political, and philosophical barriers to it. However, even if a ban were to happen, it would simply be a political statement rather than an actual precursor to reform. Don’t worry TikToker’s, you are probably good for now.

The real issue being uncovered is the lack of standards for how data can be aggregated, traded, and processed across the United States. This is a HUGE topic for another time…

The most likely outcome for TikTok is that it’s forced to strip a majority stake to a U.S. company to solve the fact that Chinese ownership of TikTok is clearly untenable now. In the end, a TikTok ban would not have any real impact on how personal data is protected online. Therefore, marketers and privacy experts are calling for a comprehensive privacy law that safeguards personal data at a national level.

Stay tuned… this probably won’t be the last time we visit this topic!

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